Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Mark E. Inall, Frank Nilsen, Finlo R. Cottier, Ragnhild Daae

In this article we show that the class of low frequency (sub-inertial) waves known as coastal-trapped waves (CTWs) [...]

- Mengnan Zhao, Mary-Louise Timmermans

A decade of moored measurements from the Arctic Ocean's northwestern Beaufort Gyre (collected as a component o [...]

- David A. Hebert, Richard A. Allard, E. Joseph Metzger, Pamela G. Posey, Ruth H. Preller, Alan J. Wallcraft, Michael W. Phelps, Ole Martin Smedstad

In this study the forecast skill of the U.S. Navy operational Arctic sea ice forecast system, the Arctic Cap Nowcas [...]