Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Pablo Sangrà, Charles Troupin, Beatriz Barreiro-González, Eric Desmond Barton, Abdellatif Orbi, Javier Arístegui

In the framework of the CAIBEX (Canaries-Iberian marine Ecosystem Exchanges) experiment an interdisciplinary high-r [...]

- Jennifer M. Jackson, Richard E. Thomson, Leslie N. Brown, Peter G. Willis, Gary A. Borstad

We examine the spatial and temporal variability of satellite-sensed sea surface chlorophyll-a off the west coast of [...]

- I. Camara, Nicolas Kolodziejczyk, Juliette mignot, Alban Lazar, Amadou. T. Gaye

The physical processes controlling the mixed layer salinity (MLS) seasonal budget in the tropical Atlantic ocean ar [...]