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- L. de Steur, R. S. Pickart, A. Macrander, K. Våge, B. Harden, S. Jónsson, S. Østerhus, H. Valdimarsson

Liquid freshwater transports of the shelfbreak East Greenland Current (EGC) and the separated EGC are determined fr [...]

- Matias Duran-Matute, Theo Gerkema, Maximiliano G. Sassi

In multiple-inlet coastal systems like the western Dutch Wadden Sea, the tides (and their interaction with the bath [...]

- M. Olfateh, David P. Callaghan, Peter Nielsen, Tom E. Baldock

A new parametric model is developed to describe the asymmetry commonly observed in Tropical Cyclones or Hurricanes. [...]