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- Younjoo J. Lee, Patricia A. Matrai, Marjorie A. M. Friedrichs, Vincent S. Saba, David Antoine, Mathieu Ardyna, Ichio Asanuma, Marcel Babin, Simon Bélanger, Maxime Benoît-Gagné, Emmanuel Devred, Mar Fernández-Méndez, Bernard Gentili, Toru Hirawake, Sung-Ho Kang, Takahiko Kameda, Christian Katlein, Sang H. Lee, Zhongping Lee, Frédéric Mélin, Michele Scardi, Tim J. Smyth, Shilin Tang, Kevin R. Turpie, Kirk J. Waters, Toby K. Westberry

We investigated 32 net primary productivity (NPP) models by assessing skills to reproduce integrated NPP in the Arc [...]

- Kristine S. Madsen, Jacob L. Høyer, Weiwei Fu, Craig Donlon

Coastal storm surge forecasts are typically derived from dedicated hydrodynamic model systems, relying on Numerical [...]

- Maria V. Luneva, Yevgeny Aksenov, James D. Harle, Jason T. Holt

In this study we use a novel pan-Arctic sea ice-ocean coupled model to examine the effects of tides on sea ice and [...]