Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Eirini Varotsou, Kerstin Jochumsen, Nuno Serra, Dagmar Kieke, Linn Schneider

The transport of Upper Labrador Sea Water (ULSW) at Flemish Cap (47°N/45°W) is investigated in the period 1960-2009 [...]

- Jing-Ling Ren, Ji-Liang Xuan, Zhao-Wei Wang, Daji Huang, Jing Zhang

Aluminum (Al) is one of the key parameters of GEOTRACES. In spring 2011, we examined the distribution of dissolved [...]

- Erik Gustafsson, Anders Omstedt, Bo G. Gustafsson

In this study, the BALTSEM model is used to estimate how air-water CO2 fluxes in the Baltic Sea respond to paramete [...]