Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Erik Coria-Monter, María Adela Monreal-Gómez, David Alberto Salas-de-León, Javier Aldeco-Ramírez, Martín Merino-Ibarra

The differential distribution of diatoms and dinoflagellates in the Bay of La Paz, Gulf of California, Mexico, was [...]

- L. Molina, G. Pawlak, J. R. Wells, S. G. Monismith, M. A. Merrifield

Observations of the velocity structure at the Kilo Nalu Observatory on the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii show that th [...]

- Jessica N. Cross, Jeremy T. Mathis, Karen E. Frey, Catherine E. Cosca, Seth L. Danielson, Nicholas R. Bates, Richard A. Feely, Taro Takahashi, Wiley Evans

High-resolution data collected from several programs has greatly increased the spatiotemporal resolution of pCO2 da [...]