Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Andrea Santos-Garcia, María Marta Jacob, W. Linwood Jones, William E. Asher, Yazan Hejazin, Hamideh Ebrahimi, Monica Rabolli

The Aquarius/SAC-D mission has been providing Sea Surface Salinity (SSS), globally over the ocean, for almost 3 yea [...]

- HongLi Fu, Xidong Wang, Peter C. Chu, Xuefeng Zhang, Guijun Han, Wei Li

This study systematically investigated the ocean mixed layer responses to tropical cyclone (TC) using available Arg [...]

- G. W. Wilson, A. E. Hay, A. J. Bowen

Observations are presented of the wave shear stress 〈u˜w˜〉 on a steeply sloping beach. Above the wave boundary laye [...]