This page provides some links to professional ocean science journals. For more information, please contact the OS Publications Committee.  See also, the AGU Publications (click on “Publications) page.

Ocean-related publications from AGU (see also the Wiley AGU Portal)

Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans

Geophysical Research Letters

Global Biogeochemical Cycles


Reviews of Geophysics

EOS Publishes ocean science news, reports, feature articles, etc.

Journals published by some related scientific societies

American Meteorological Society Journals Page (from the AMS)

Limnology and Oceanography (from ASLO)

Oceanography Magazine (from The Oceanography Society)

Journal of Oceanography (from the Oceanographic Society of Japan)

Ocean Science (from the European Geosciences Union)

Other ocean-related journals

Elsevier Earth Science Journals

AGU Publications Page

Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Roberto Sabia, Marlene Klockmann, Diego Fernández-Prieto, Craig Donlon

A first estimation of satellite-based ocean surface T-S diagrams is performed by using SMOS Sea Surface Salinity (S [...]

- Issufo Halo, Pierrick Penven, Björn Backeberg, Isabelle Ansorge, Frank Shillington, Raymond Roman

In this study, we used more than 17 years of satellite altimetry observations and output from an ocean model to inv [...]

- Florent Gasparin, Christophe Maes, Joel Sudre, Veronique Garcon, Alexandre Ganachaud

A water mass analysis of the Coral Sea thermocline waters provides a description of their distribution, pathways an [...]