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Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- I. Lozovatsky, H.J.S. Fernando, J. Planella-Morato, Z. Liu, J.-H. Lee, S.U.P. Jinadasa

The probability distribution of kinetic energy dissipation rate in stratified ocean usually deviates from the class [...]

- G.G. Buffett, G. Krahmann, D. Klaeschen, K. Schroeder, V. Sallarès, C. Papenberg, C. Ranero, N. Zitellini

We use seismic oceanography to document and analyze oceanic thermohaline finestructure across the Tyrrhenian Sea. M [...]

- Paul B. Goddard, Carolina O. Dufour, Jianjun Yin, Stephen M. Griffies, Michael Winton

Ocean warming near the Antarctic ice shelves has critical implications for future ice sheet mass loss and global se [...]