2018 AGU Union Medal, Award, and Prize Recipients from Ocean Sciences

Congratulations to the members of the Ocean Sciences section that are part of the class of 2018 Union honorees! Their contributions will be celebrated at the Honors Ceremony and Banquet, during the Fall Meeting 2018 in Washington, D. C.:

Brandon Dugan (Colorado School of Mines) received the Asahiko Taira International Scientific Ocean Drilling Research Prize (The Taira Prize). The Taira Prize recognizes “outstanding transdisciplinary research accomplishment in ocean drilling.”

Christopher Reddy (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) received the Ambassador Award, which is given for “outstanding contributions to one or more of the following area(s): societal impact, service to the Earth and space community, scientific leadership, and promotion of talent/career pool.”

Caroline Ummerhofer (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and Isaac Santos (Southern Cross University) received the Macelwane Medal, recognizing “significant contributions to the geophysical sciences by an outstanding early career scientist.”

Read the Eos article for the full list.