Announcement from Des Barton, editor of JGR-Oceans

Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans has seen a significant increase in submissions from about 580 in 2009 to a projected 840 by end of this year. Roughly 55% of these are eventually accepted for publication. Considerable effort by editorial and publications staff has reduced the median time between submission and first decision to just over 7 weeks, while the median time to acceptance is now under 22 weeks. Speed of Review continues to be the aspect of greatest dissatisfaction in author surveys. The longest delays result from difficulty in finding three appropriate reviewers willing and able to take on and complete a review in a timely manner, though there are still many who manage to provide thorough reviews within the target period of three weeks. The suggested response times for author revisions have been shortened recently to encourage authors themselves to reduce the overall acceptance time further, though these are of course only recommendations.   The journal encourages proposals for themed Special Sections, especially those that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. SS currently in preparation include “Pacific-Asian Marginal Seas” and “Early scientific results from the salinity measuring satellites Aquarius/SAC-D and SMOS”.  JGR Oceans, like all AGU journals, will be presented in an improved, more readable, cross-platform electronic format from start of 2014 featuring live links to references and data sets, amongst other innovations.