AGU Fellows from the Ocean Sciences Section – 2008


  • ROBERT BIDIGARE-for pioneering development of analyses leading to advances in understanding phytoplankton diversity, rates, and controls, and their effects on ocean biochemistry.
  • DOUGLAS CAPONE-for his contributions to our understanding of the global marine nitrogen cycle, with a special emphasis on his work on the importance of microbial nitrogen fixation.
  • DUDLEY CHELTON JR – for his sustained and insightful contributions to understanding ocean circulation and air-sea interaction processes and the development of microwave ocean remote sensing systems.
  • LAWRENCE EDWARDS-for pioneering work on U-series systematics, contributions to paleoclimatology, neotectonics, 14C time-scale and paleoceanography.
  • CHARLES MCCLAIN-for scientific achievement and leadership in the study of ocean biological and biogeochemical processes from satellite observations.
  • WARREN PRELL-for pioneering contributions to the understanding of paleomonsoons and glacial-interglacial climates using observations and models.
  • TOSHIO YAMAGATA-for his accomplishment and many outstanding contributions to ocean dynamics and oceanographic society.
  • JAMES ZACHOS – for contributions to Cenozoic paleoceanography, especially defining effects and causes of rapid climate changes and extreme climates for Earth’s systems.

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