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The OS section welcomes members whose primary interests are marine related. We organize ourselves into four broad categories, biological oceanography, marine chemistry, marine geology and geophysics and physical oceanography. Read more.

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Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Ebenezer S. Nyadjro, Michael J. McPhaden

This study examines equatorial zonal current variations in the upper layers of eastern Indian Ocean in relation to [...]

- Andrea Santos-Garcia, María Marta Jacob, W. Linwood Jones, William E. Asher, Yazan Hejazin, Hamideh Ebrahimi, Monica Rabolli

The Aquarius/SAC-D mission has been providing Sea Surface Salinity (SSS), globally over the ocean, for almost 3 yea [...]

- HongLi Fu, Xidong Wang, Peter C. Chu, Xuefeng Zhang, Guijun Han, Wei Li

This study systematically investigated the ocean mixed layer responses to tropical cyclone (TC) using available Arg [...]