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The OS section welcomes members whose primary interests are marine related. We organize ourselves into four broad categories, biological oceanography, marine chemistry, marine geology and geophysics and physical oceanography. Read more.

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Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Ying Li, Yongsheng Xu

The role of turbulent diapycnal mixing in the northwestern Pacific was estimated by employing a fine-scale paramete [...]

- William E. Asher, Andrew T. Jessup, Ruth Branch, Dan Clark

Vertical salinity gradients in the top few meters of the ocean surface can exist due to the freshwater input from r [...]

- A. Köhl, M. Sena Martins, D. Stammer

In a pilot attempt, the GECCO2 synthesis system is being used to investigate the impact of SMOS sea surface salinit [...]