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The OS section welcomes members whose primary interests are marine related. We organize ourselves into four broad categories, biological oceanography, marine chemistry, marine geology and geophysics and physical oceanography. Read more.

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Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- G. Vernieres, R. Kovach, C. Keppenne, S. Akella, L. Brucker, E. Dinnat

Ocean salinity and temperature differences drive thermohaline circulations. These properties also play a key role i [...]

- Young-Hyang Park, Isabelle Durand, Elodie Kestenare, Gilles Rougier, Meng Zhou, Francesco d’Ovidio, Cédric Cotté, Jae-Hak Lee

The circulation of iron-rich shelf waters around the Kerguelen Islands plays a crucial role for a climatically impo [...]

- Aïssa Benazzouz, Josep L. Pelegrí, Herve Demarcq, Francisco Machín, Evan Mason, Abdellatif Orbi, Jesus Peña-Izquierdo, Mordane Soumia

We use a combination of satellite, in situ and numerical data to provide a comprehensive view of the seasonal coast [...]