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The OS section welcomes members whose primary interests are marine related. We organize ourselves into four broad categories, biological oceanography, marine chemistry, marine geology and geophysics and physical oceanography. Read more.

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Latest JGR-Oceans pubs

- Hristina G. Hristova, William S. Kessler, James C. McWilliams, M. Jeroen Molemaker

High-resolution (4 km) climatologically forced ocean model, validated by altimetry and glider data, is used to char [...]

- Shaoling Shang, Jingyu Wu, Bangqin Huang, Gong Lin, Zhongping Lee, James Liu, Shaoping Shang

Dinoflagellate and diatom blooms often occur in the East China Sea (ECS) during spring and summer. Some of the dino [...]

- Nan-Hsun Chi, Ren-Chieh Lien, Eric A. D'Asaro, Barry B. Ma

The oceanic surface mixed layer heat budget in the central equatorial Indian Ocean is calculated from observations [...]