Ocean Sciences Section Committees Page
The Ocean Sciences Section maintains a number of standing committees. Click on any one for more information.  In addition, a number of members of the ocean sciences section serve on Union-wide committees.

Executive Committee
Honors and Recognition
Meeting Representatives

Executive Committee Membership

James Murray - President
Lynne Talley – President-elect
Peter Schlosser – past-President
Robin Muench – Secretary, Physical Oceanography
Margaret R. Mulholland - Secretary, Biological Oceanography
Adina Paytan – Secretary, Marine Geochemistry
Deborah Hutchinson – Secretary, Marine Geology and Geophysics
Frederick Bingham – OS Webmaster
Danica Williams – AGU Headquarters Liaison
Rana Fine
Eric Itsweire
Des Barton
Martin Visbeck
Minhan Dai
Karen Casciotti – Early career member
Paige Martin – Student member

Honors and Recognition Committee, Peter Schlosser (Chair), Robin Muench, Margaret R. Mulholland, Deborah Hutchinson, Minhan Dai, Martin Visbeck

Meetings Committee, President and Section Secretaries

Meeting representatives: Fall meeting, Deborah Hutchinson (lead) and Robin Muensch; Ocean Sciences meeting, Eric Itsweire (lead) and Karen Casciotti

Fellows CommitteeLynne Talley (Chair), James Murray, Ken Johnson, Peter Huybers,
Robbie Toggweiler, Alice Alldredge, Harry Bryden

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