The Ocean Sciences Section maintains a number of standing committees.  In addition, some members of the section serve on Union-wide committees.

Executive Committee
Honors and Recognition
Meeting Representatives

Executive Committee Membership

Lynne Talley – President
Eileen Hofmann – President-elect
James Murray – past-President
Victoria Coles – Secretary, Physical Oceanography
Heidi Sosik – Secretary, Biological Oceanography
Adina Paytan – Secretary, Marine Geochemistry
Deborah Hutchinson – Secretary, Marine Geology and Geophysics
Frederick Bingham – OS Webmaster
Beth Paredes – AGU Headquarters Liaison
Paula Bontempi  – Agency Representative

Rana Fine (2015)
Eric Itsweire (2015)
Peter Brewer (2015)
Martin Visbeck (2015)
Karen Casciotti – Early career member (2015)
Paige Martin – Student member (2015)

Honors and Recognition CommitteeJames Murray (Chair), Peter Schlosser, Victoria Coles, Heidi Sosik, Deborah Hutchinson, Adina Paytan

Meeting representatives:

Fellows Committee, Eileen Hoffmann (Chair), Lynne Talley, Richard Barber, Antonio Busalacchi, Lisa Levin, Kenneth Johnson, Charles Nittrouer, Detlef Stammer

AGU Section & Focus Group Leaders Calendar


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