The Ocean Sciences Section maintains a number of standing committees.  In addition, some members of the section serve on Union-wide committees.

Executive Committee
Honors and Recognition
Meeting Representatives

Executive Committee Membership

James Murray - President
Lynne Talley – President-elect
Peter Schlosser – past-President
Robin Muench – Secretary, Physical Oceanography
Margaret R. Mulholland - Secretary, Biological Oceanography
Adina Paytan – Secretary, Marine Geochemistry
Deborah Hutchinson – Secretary, Marine Geology and Geophysics
Frederick Bingham – OS Webmaster
Danica Williams – AGU Headquarters Liaison
Rana Fine
Eric Itsweire
Des Barton
Martin Visbeck
Minhan Dai
Karen Casciotti – Early career member
Paige Martin – Student member

Honors and Recognition Committee, Peter Schlosser (Chair), Robin Muench, Margaret R. Mulholland, Deborah Hutchinson, Minhan Dai, Martin Visbeck

Meetings Committee, President and Section Secretaries (scroll down for list)

Meeting representatives: Fall meeting, Deborah Hutchinson (lead) and Robin Muench; Ocean Sciences meeting, Eric Itsweire (lead) and Karen Casciotti

Fellows CommitteeLynne Talley (Chair), James Murray, Ken Johnson, Peter Huybers,
Robbie Toggweiler, Alice Alldredge, Harry Bryden

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